Porto de Magia

R. Formosa 207, 4000-251 Porto


R. Formosa 207, 4000-251 Porto
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Monday - Friday
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222 004 139
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Porto de Magia started up in 1944, in a rented ground floor premises. At that time it was called Decorações Reis and was a furniture store. A taste and flair for working in the furniture area was already in the family. Their chairs were the speciality of the store.

And they made chairs for many cinemas in Porto (Sala Bebé, Balcão do Trindade and Nun’Alvares) and also, in the 1960s for many other cinema theatres in Portugal.    With the passing of the years, Decorações Reis grew and, when the ground floor was already to small, it occupied the other floors of the building.  And the business expanded to include made-to-order furniture and its famous carousel music boxes - now the store’s trademark. 



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