Ponto das Artes

Rua de Santa Catarina 125, 4000-450 Porto


Rua de Santa Catarina 125, 4000-450 Porto
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Monday - Friday
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222 039 620
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The Ponto das Artes shops were founded by Quadrimovel 5 years ago, with the setting up of the first shop in Lisbon's Chiado. The Porto shop was the fourth to be opened on 17 April 2013, with the purchase of the former "Papélia" shop which had existed for 75 years.

Since then it has sought to be a benchmark shop for Fine Art products in the Porto region, guaranteeing quality products and services for its customers.

With more than 50,000 references, the Ponto das Artes shops sells technical stationery, specialised packaging and gifts, as well as fine arts products, where the range of stock varies from products for pre-school children to professional artists materials in areas such as painting, sculpture and drawing, stocking a range of goods from the big brands which are nationally and internationally recognised.



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