Farmácia Sá da Bandeira

Rua Sá da Bandeira, 236/54 4000-428 Porto


Rua Sá da Bandeira, 236/54 4000-428 Porto
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Monday - Saturday
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222 074 040
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Store Description

Opened in 1943, the pharmacy Farmácia Sá da Bandeira has a wide variety of toiletries and medicines available for its customers including skin-care products, baby and childcare items and food products, herbal, orthopaedic and vet remedies.

Because services are also important, at Farmácia Sá da Bandeira customers can find a wide range of services, such as analysing bio-chemical results, on-site nurse, blood pressure service, weight, height and body mass.

Keeping our customers who value convenience and speed of service in mind, Farmácia Sá da Bandeira also has a home delivery service, on-line sales service and direct order service via an APP for Android and IOS systems.

Throughout its more than seventy years history, Farmácia Sá da Bandeira has sought to keep up the values it has held dear since its founding, always focusing on quality and customer satisfaction, developing services that puts it in the forefront of pharmacies and which today give its a competitive edge against the competition.



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