De Porto e Alma

Rua de Santa Catarina 479, 4000-452 Porto


Rua de Santa Catarina 479, 4000-452 Porto
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Monday - Friday
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222 056 354
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Store Description

"De Porto e Alma" opened in 2014 with the idea of rekindling the spirit of the old grocers (despite having an up-to-date image). It sells mainly Portuguese articles which are top quality but at reasonable prices. It offers a personal service and attracts tourists who are looking for things that are Portuguese and different, as well as locals looking for articles that bring back cherished memories.

"De Porto e Alma" is the trading name of the firm Renato e Filhos, Prod. Regionais Portugueses, Lda. It opened on 8 February 2014 after a change of the branch of the firm Beringela which sold clothing items.

The change was conceived to take the new economic reality into account. The transformation of the block where the shop is, with the appearance of cafés, esplanades and hostels has breathed new life into the area and attracted tourists. It provided the ideal context for a "fine and successful grocers" to take off.



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