Comer e Chorar por Mais

Rua Formosa, 300, 4000-248 Porto


Rua Formosa, 300, 4000-248 Porto
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Comer e Chorar Por Mais opened its doors in 1916. It was created by Fernando Barandas.
Initially it sold stationery and products from the Portuguese colonies like coffee and spices, which is why the official name of the company is "Sociedade de Papelaria e Coloniais" (Literally the "Stationery and Colonial Company Ltd") After the April 25th Revolution, the company turned to the food sector and focuses on selling Portuguese regional products, ceasing to be a stationers.
The Barandas family has always been attentive to the changing tastes and customs of the Barandas family. As Fernando Barandas became too old to handle the practical aspects of the business, his son took over its running from 2008. And his desire to satisfy his customers led him to start managing the business and its direction, focusing on a modern customer-orientated service.
Countering the anonymous consumption for the masses seen in large shopping centres was the strategy adopted by Fernando Barandas' son, instead going in for a regional concept satisfying the tastes of each customer. Portugal has a wide variety of quality traditional regional products that can be found in Comer e Chorar Por Mais. The management of this shop aim for the quality and authenticity of its products, travelling the length and breadth of the country to sample regional products while ensuring that food health and safety regulations are met as well as respecting age-old traditions of preparation, selecting only the very best products. In this way the very best that Portugal has to offer can be found in Comer e Chorar Por Mais.
Customers are increasingly better informed and more demanding, looking for quality and advice. Only by meeting these requirements can we fulfil the store's slogan: the right product for the right person.
In 2014 Comer e Chorar Por Mais won the "Gourmet Store of the Year" award which has given it greater visibility and boosted its customer base. Today to welcomes customers from all over the world who are delighted when they try the products selected by Comer e Chorar Por Mais.



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